The Music Machine

I want to start out this review by saying that there will be parts of the plot revealed that are intended to be dramatic reveals or part of the general ambiance of the game. If you’re the type to have these things easily spoiled, then I would recommend considering how much you want to play the game before you read this, as many parts of the game will be discussed. Furthermore, the game itself contains material that refers to sex and trauma, so if these are sensitive subjects to you, then take care as you move forward.

The Music Machine Title Card

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Hatoful Boyfriend Review

Pigeon Dating Simulator.

The description is likely to illicit responses ranging from “What?” to “Dammit, Japan!”, and considering the bizarre and somewhat obscure nature of dating simulation games such reactions should definitely be expected. I find myself instinctively dodging many of them while navigating game catalogs due to the frequent lack of effort or blatant fetish pandering found within the genre. To add the concept of interspecies romance (yes, you do play a human and your love interests are in fact birds) to the pile of unfortunate expectations of these visual novels would cause your average person to attempt to forget about it ASAP.

In spite of even my own kneejerk reaction to dating games, however, I admit I have enjoyed quite a few. Hatoful Boyfriend is among those games. In fact, I would go so far as to say Hatoful Boyfriend not only surpassed my expectation (so ridiculous that it has to be worth playing), but placed itself comfortably in my list of favorite games of any genre. Let me be clear, I’m no connoisseur—I don’t claim that my taste in games is so great that to be considered a favorite of mine makes a game high art. However Hatoful Boyfriend cleverly hid an intriguing story and sympathetic characters amongst its gimmicky premise, and for that I think it deserves praise.

Title Screen for Hatoful Boyfriend. Admit it! You’re swooning, aren’t you?

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Monster Loves You! Review

This time I’m going to write a short review about the game “Monster Loves You!”, a choose-your-own-adventure style game of building up a unique monster. The game is light-hearted and tries to get you thinking with monster logic as you grow. The game leads up to a moment-of-truth with humans that can go several ways given your decisions.

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What’s all this about?


I’m not sure if anyone will ever read this, but should someone stumble across my blog here then I wanted to leave a little introductory message and outline what it is I’m doing.

I’m starting this blog to help me practice writing. I hope to get better at writing reviews, opinions and related projects for video games, movies and maybe even books and more. As I am hoping to practice, it’s likely that my format may shift and hopefully the quality of my writing will shift with time. I want to make it clear that I am under no delusion that the things I write are original or in any way meaningful. While I hope to convey my own views and opinions, they will likely be those that have been presented online before. That it to say I will probably decide to write about games and movies that have been analyzed to death and I’m well aware of that. Then why online, you might ask? Well there’s something about maintaining a blog where it can be seen that represents seriousness to me, and that (I hope) will inspire me to continue practicing. It provides me with a quasi-official deadline that I should respond to more seriously as I attempt to move forward in my writing goals.

Just so I’m not misunderstood, this isn’t necessarily me trying to excuse any flaws in the blog. On the contrary, should anyone stumbling across this site look through my work and want to help me improve, then I hope you provide that help! I’m mostly trying to let people know that I do not inherently take myself seriously and thus if my views and opinions fall afoul those out there on the internet, I hold no belief that I am in any way shape or form an authority on these subjects. However, if you wanted to just share your opinions with me and others, then that’s fine.

With that awkward statement out of the way, maybe I’ll move on to posting some things sometime soon.


~Shell Games