Holiday Break

Not that I necessarily need to say this, since I maybe have one consistent reader, but all the same I thought it would be nice to leave a little “be back soon” note on the blog.

I’m taking this week off for Christmas, since my focus seems to pulled every which way due to the holiday season. However, it’s not just family and holidays distracting me.

I haven’t necessarily been able to pick up a new game to review because I’ve actually been playing something else. Xenoblade Chronicles X came out recently and I ordered it special. It’s a great game, both faithful to and a departure from its spiritual predecessor Xenoblade Chornicles on the Wii. However it’s a very time-consuming game, and since I also like to play the MMO Final Fantasy XIV and have a job that takes up a great deal of my time and energy, I’ve just had less and less time.

So I’m taking the week off! I should be back next week with a new post. Also, this is kinda making me want to write about the other things I’m doing, so maybe I’ll start doing more personal/opinion posts too (media related of course. I don’t want to bore people with too much of my personal life :P)

Thanks for reading,
Shell Games


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