Paper Sorcerer Review

I admit I’m a sucker for a turn-based RPG. The genre was my favorite growing up and even as gaming evolved I found most of my favorite titles landed in this familiar style. Eventually, I did open myself up to the more fast-paced, real-time games out there with their open worlds and first-person perspectives, but my comfort zone will likely always be in the menus and agility-based initiative of the turn-based RPG. As such, when I am browsing for games to analyze I always keep an eye open for such games. Of course, there often isn’t too much to say without going into the story, but lately I find myself getting sidetracked by mechanics and design, especially when browsing through Steam games. Paper Sorcerer, by Ultra Runaway Games, is one such game.


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The Happy Hereafter Review

The Happy Hereafter is a casual strategy game where you run the afterlife—or rather the town in which people stay after passing on. Using the undead denizens of your land to build and harvest resources, you will discover progressively more complex aspects to expanding your ghoulish grove. There really isn’t a way to “win” the game, as the point is mostly to negotiate the needs of your followers and the economy of the afterlife. Much like other games of this variety, the point is for the player to entertain themselves through finding out how to advance the techtree and widen their options. Although often this means that gameplay will eventually cap out at whatever the ultimate level of building can go, these limited strategy games are still capable of being very fun, provided they put the time and effort into making the experience so good that you may even choose to start the game again from the beginning once you reach its maximum potential. Mirball Studio’s The Happy Hereafter’s track, however, does not inspire this.

1) Title Card

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