Prompt Response: Depth

I thought it would be fun to start posting little musings, ramblings and so forth. To facilitate that, I decided to respond to today’s Daily Post prompt. Whenever I do something like this, though, I want it to remain game or at least media related, so I’m really only going to do prompts and such when I feel like that can be accomplished.

So today’s prompt is “depth,” which makes me think about what depth means in video games. In one sense, a game’s depth can be found in its immersion – just how much it really sucks us in and get us focused on the game itself. Another angle to take is the story and setting – how well-rounded the characters are, how fleshed out the cities are, how dynamic and thorough the world-building is. Another idea still is that of the game’s larger meaning – what the game says about the world we live in, what philosophical questions it asks, and how much it makes us think on a deeper level.

And beyond that still, I’m sure there are countless ways depth and gaming can be interpreted. So what about you? What do you think of when considering how to add depth to a game? Are there any game experiences that come to mind that felt “deep” to you? Or can you think of examples where games lack depth? I know what I think already, so I’m excited to hear what you have to say.



  1. Being a writer I almost always think about story telling if I’m thinking about depth in video games. A well crafted story is what creates immersion to me rather than graphics/animation or anything along that line. Of course bad game play will break the magic of a great story, but I still wouldn’t say the gameplay necessary contributes to depth.

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    • Wouldn’t you say, though, that the immersion created by good gameplay contributes to the depth of the experience? That’s sort of how I see it anyway, but if we all saw it the same way we wouldn’t have need for a wide variety of games.

      Story is definitely high on my list as well. However I think the general aesthetic of the game is what most makes me feel a game is deep. Even if it’s a text based game, if that text is formatted in a way that doesn’t create a feeling for the world, then it kinda trips it up for me.


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