Are you carefree when it comes to gaming?

I wonder what it’s like for other people to play video games. What do you feel when you play a game? Do you sit down and escape? Do you get involved and try to advance your placing in the leaderboards? Do you want to just beat a game you’ve been having difficulty with? Even with all these options, do you manage to be carefree? Or is gaming a heavier investment than that? Please respond! 🙂

For me, when I play a game, I’m invested but light-hearted. I try to stay amenable to whatever is being offered to me. Rarely do I want to feel so encumbered that overcoming an obstacle in a game is stressful. But what about you? I’d love to hear your feedback.



    • I think that’s a great way to balance it out. A more complex, intense game to really suck you in and get you obsessed, followed by a simpler game to challenge you but in a much less daunting way. Neat.

      I use puzzle games for that myself. They’re perfect for when I feel like occupying myself with a game, but don’t quite feel ready to dive into the next plot point or level of a bigger game.


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