Gaming Around The Clock

Today’s prompt was “Clock.”

So this immediately brings to mind the many, many summer nights I spent without sleep, playing whatever video game I had become fixated on. Among those were Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Animal Crossing, and World of Warcraft.

Crystal Chronicles was a game intended to be played with other people via Gameboy Advance adapters for the Gamecube. World of Warcraft was also designed to be played at least part of the time with other people. That didn’t stop me from playing both by myself though.


I didn’t have many friends that had this thing. Although I also didn’t have many friends. (source)

Now, that’s all well and good, but this is supposed to be about the word “clock!” Well, often times when I’d play Animal Crossing, I would just stand around and zone out, listening to the music that changed every hour. Standing idle causes the clock to pop up.


See how it comes back around? Like hands on a… Well you get it. (source)

I would intentionally stay up late to hear my favorite track: 2:00 AM.

So enamored was I with these songs, I was disappointed when the next installments of Animal Crossing seemed to render them indistinguishable ambient music. However, all that changed when New Leaf came out!

Now I’ve always been a compulsive clock watcher, but games like this certainly make sure I get something out of it, besides a mild anxiety about being late I mean.

I guess that about covers my trip down memory lane, so I’ll just wrap this up with another one of my favorite video game clocks!


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