The Elusive Amuseuse – Final Fantasy VI


Sorry. I can’t help it. The word just makes me think of evasion. And magic evasion. Particularly the stats in Final Fantasy VI (III SNES, which is what I’m talking about specifically), and how one was wildly more useful than the other. As a kid, I didn’t realize that there was a now infamous bug rendering the Evade % stat useless, instead causing magic evade, or MBlock%, to cover both types of evasion. However, since I always leaned towards magic-use and magic-based items in games, I already prioritized the stat, which is something many people just learned to do it seems.

Final Fantasy III_Aug15 11_03_56

Although this player seemed to prioritize Vigor! (source)

Although, to go back to the actual word, there were other elusive aspects of Final Fantasy VI. There was the randomly appearing boss in the sky, Doom Gaze, who (strangely) drops the Bahamut magicite when defeated. There was also the seemingly random appearances of Shadow’s dreams which, to this day, I can’t trigger without looking up a guide.

Come to think of it, for a lot of people Final Fantasy VI was the cut-off point in the series before the games changed in tone and style. While that’s debatable, it is true that the Final Fantasy series has stumbled a few times in an effort to restore that elusive feeling that so many felt when playing Final Fantasy VI and its predecessors. Perhaps that feeling is just nostalgia, or perhaps its a relic of a bygone era (pun intended), a game style that’s just not compatible with modern gaming. I don’t necessarily think any of these things are true or absolute, but they certainly are opinions people have regarding the older Final Fantasy games.

Of course, what do I know? My favorite Final Fantasy is IX.


Now getting everything set up to make this fight easier? Elusive indeed! (source)


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