Me and the Mule Call Red Team

I’m a fairly stubborn gamer. Tell me there’s a way to do something better, and I’ll probably just try to do what I want to do until it works. It’s part of why I don’t play competitive games like League of Legends very well. I just don’t like to believe that one specific way of playing is the only way allowed.


What does “jungling” mean again? Whatever. I’m just gonna hit stuff.

I guess if I were more vindictive I’d continue to play these games and piss people off. But even I have to admit that, in multiplayer competitions, the “one best way” method is not wrong. And as much as I like to play my own way, losing all the time gets old. But I won’t change my methods if it seems like too much trouble so…


Now I’m REALLY going to hit stuff. Why do people keep telling me “go mid”?

When it comes to more storyline-driven MMOs, I tend to have more fun. Stacking certain stats, min-maxing, rotations, BLEH! I don’t pay those things much mind either, but in a good game I can still do really well without anyone getting mad. And if I can’t, then I have the refuge of single player storyline to fall back on. Win-win.


If they don’t like me spamming Tri-bind, then I’ll just go play with my bug friends!

I think since I grew up playing single player games, my stubbornness just never got kicked out of me by ranting lunatics screaming obscenities into my headset and whining about kill ratios or whatever. If I faced something hard, I took as much time as I wanted to overcome it my own way. I guess I just thought that’s what a game was supposed to be about. Oh well. I can firmly say at least that even if I do get some strategies down, I outright refuse to “git gud”.

League of Legends pics source

It seems like I’m not alone in my multiplayer frustrations. Check out Zack Burrows’ thoughts!



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