Paint Me Like One Of Your Video Games

I didn’t play Okami so I guess I have to talk about Mario Paint.

Except all I can really think of is how this game scared me as a kid…


I was a big baby. (source)

So I’ll just go off on some of my favorite painter characters in other childhood games, because I don’t want one of those dragonflies to come out and sting me.


So the most obvious one is Relm from Final Fantasy VI. She was my favorite character, because she was a bratty little girl and I really identified with those as a child, and also she had a super-high magic power stat even though magic wasn’t in her blood.


Also she could make this happen. (source includes way more examples of the Sketch glitch)

Next, there was the painter girl, Adeleine, from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. You didn’t get to play as her, which severely disappointed me, but whenever she showed up to paint some healing food for Kirby to eat, I still got really excited.


Plus she had an awesome beret. Tres artistique!

Finally, in the villain category, there was the leader of the Happy Happy Cult in Earthbound, Carpainter.


Aliases: Creepy Old Man, Dr. Lipschitz from Rugrats. (source)

He not only converted a whole town to his bizarre blue-obsessed religion, but he also kidnapped a young girl to be their priestess and locked her up until she agreed to assist him. Ick. When I was a kid, I was really confused by his name, especially since there weren’t really any cars in Happy Happy Valley. It wasn’t until later I found out that Earthbound had a lot of religious references, many of which were altered.


Jesus was a car-painter. (source)

Of course, those aren’t all the painters I’ve encountered in video games, and sometimes paint just keeps popping up as a plot point in recent games as well. However, I really don’t have much else to talk about, so I won’t belabor the point any longer. Have a paint-filled day!





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