Fun, Frenetic, Free: Relic Hunters Zero Review

I don’t go through the free games on Steam very often, though I’m starting to think that’s a big mistake. Sure, a lot of them are only “free-to-play” “pay-to-win” types with little to no originality or play value, but there is a tiny selection that may just satisfy that quick fix itch you get from time to time. Today’s game is a shooter, another thing I don’t usually gravitate towards, and it’s actually a pretty fun one. It’s an action game by Rogue Snail called Relic Hunters Zero.


Relic Hunters Zero follows a band of treasure hunter mercenaries as they comb the galaxy in an effort to pull together whatever money they can. On a seemingly standard mission to seek out relics, the team encounter rival mercenaries led by the notorious Ducan army, and find that their quest for loot will only end when the Ducan commander is brought down.


Choose your character! I’m partial to the one with the worst stats.


Overall, Relic Hunters Zero is your standard shooter game – you shoot stuff, you collect power-ups, you unlock characters, and you use whatever tactic you can to destroy those in your path. The game can be a little awkward at first, but after you get used to the controls, you feel ready to take on whatever the Ducans have to offer.


Ace the Ass takes on some beasts with his less-than-stellar fighting prowess.

As I stated previously, shooters are not my bag. They’re hectic, stressful, and I’m just not good at them. However, Relic Hunters Zero was approachable. It didn’t necessarily hold my hand, but it made it clear that I was capable of the challenge it offered me. You can choose from Jimmy, your standard shooter, or Pinkyy, a rough and ready melee fighter, at first and unlock others as you go. Pinkyy is definitely the choice for beginners looking to get a little braver before moving forward in the game.


After you acquire them, permanent power-ups are made available to you.

The relic aspect comes into play randomly at the end of each stage. Once you clear a stage, Ace will tell you a relic is nearby and that he wants you to find it. Dig it up and wait until you collect the others that match it, because those will become special items that you can equip before levels. This both makes gameplay a little easier, and changes up your approach when taking on harder enemies.

The game is short, which should probably be expected since it’s free, but it’s the kind of shooter you can play again and again, trying out new strategies and just relaxing while blasting some enemies. It’s a very well-done game, and the developer made the source code available so you can mod it however you like!

Relic Hunters Zero is a pearl in a bed of oysters. Being distributed for free, one can’t help but think there’s either little to it or that there will be pay-to-win aspects. This game falls into neither pitfall. You should honestly grab it and have a great time with it. Whether you want a fun new shooter to play, or just want to pass some time, this game’s the pick for you. It’s free on Steam, so what are you waiting for?



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