Parakarry On My Wayward Son

Today I’m going to take the opportunity to write about one of my favorite characters. He’s duty-bound to deliver all that he can carry, though he probably spends more time finding what he’s dropped. Yes, he’s the master of mail in the Mushroom Kingdom, that tenacious troopa, Parakarry!


Parakarry’s reputation precedes him, as this early game tattle tells us.

His name is Parakarry. He’s a Paratroopa who works for the post office. He’s well known for being the slowest mailman around. A slow mailman? That can’t be good.

He’s also clumsy, often dropping letters that are meant to be delivered. Good ol’ Mario helps the guy out, but you gotta admit Parakarry might have picked the wrong impression. At least, you would think that if you didn’t know how dashing this plucky young paratroopa is.


He delivers charm with each letter! (source)

This flying friend can dropkick the competition, outshining friends and dominating foes! Parakarry  has the ability to carry Mario across small gaps. His basic attack, Sky Dive, is a kick from above. Shell Shot will fire a withdrawn Parakarry into the enemy for big damage. Air Lift (admittedly one of the most useless abilities in the game) can carry an enemy out of battle (for no star points or coins.) Finally Air Raid has Parakarry fly around the screen to attack all enemies. Being airborne, Parakarry is capable of attacking ground, air, and oddly-placed enemies, making him a very versatile addition to your party!


Easy win! (source)

Parakarry has a folksy, familiar personality that I’ve always found quite appealing. He’s the first character to show up, delivering the fateful invitation to Peach’s party before her entire castle is kidnapped by Bowser. Though even his boss has very little faith in him, Parakarry’s perseverance ensures that all important letters find their destinations. It’s just sometimes those destinations are the middle of a craggy canyon.


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night will keep him from his appointed rounds. The wind though… (source)

Loving Parakarry is easy. Just look at  him! His floppy-eared cap, his protective goggles, his trendy satchel… This guy has style in spades! He exudes the kind of resolve that makes hearts beat faster and knees quake. Also he provides a little side-quest to the game where Mario has to help him find mail and deliver it to the rightful recipient. So there’s that too.


You never know where a letter will need to go! (source)



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