Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ghosts of the Past (or rather, Future)

Ghost-type Pokemon are among my favorite. Bug may top the charts in my eyes, but ghosts are so cool, with their creepy backstories, their typically terrifying special attack stat, and of course their relative rareness compared to other types makes them intriguing to most.

So with Pokemon Sun and Moon on the on the horizon, today I’ll turn my sights towards the spectral selections provided in Generation VII of the longstanding series, provide some details, and give you my take on them.

Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy)


To Mimikyu I have to take a Pikachu.

Mimikyu is a shy little ghost who just wants to make friends. It’s so desperate that it hides itself behind a Pikachu costume to become popular. Also people who see its true form are said to become deathly ill. It’s hard to tell which fact causes the other here. That tail is actually a very unconvincing stick, making the lonely little thing even more sad. It’s disguise ability is kind of like Zoroark’s Illusion, however Disguise allows Mimikyu to avoid damage for one hit before becoming its “true” form.

So this thing is adorable. It’s pathetic backstory warms your heart about as much as the ghostly rumors chill it. The Ghost/Fairy combo is interesting, as it opens Fairy-types up for some Dark damage, but it also renders it immune to Normal and Fighting moves. However, the combination softens Fairy’s weakness to Poison, and makes Bug moves laughable. So overall, I like this Pokemon. And it’s a welcome new spin on a trend I’ve grown tired of – that of each generation having a Pikachu-like Electric rodent. (Oh wait… REALLY?)

Personal Grade: A. Cute design, clever combo, great Pokemon.

Oricorio – Sensu Style (Ghost/Flying)

sensu oricorio.png

Spoiler alert: I’m a fan.

Oricorio’s gimmick is that it can change form based on what kind of nectar it sips. These nectars are found on specific islands in Alola. Oricorio also has an ability called Dancer, that allows it to mimic “dance” moves when they’re used by other Pokemon. The Sensu style Oricorio is calm and collected. Rather than being a dead bird, Oricorio gets its Ghost powers by communing with the spirits around it with its dance. This apparently resonates with people from Kanto. Creepy.

Oricorio’s Sensu style is my favorite one, but I must admit I’m not raving about the other three very much. Something about their design doesn’t really appeal to me and though Fairy/Flying is kinda cool, Electric/Flying and Fire/Flying don’t mean much to me except “Rocks fall, everyone dies.” Ghost/Flying, however, is surprisingly unique. It takes any fear out of facing a Fighting type out of the equation, depowering a lot of those Fighting moves all types tend to get like Double Kick, and provides immunity to Ground for a ghost without wasting its ability of Levitate. Its ability, however, I’m also not too impressed with. Dancer seems fairly limited, as off the top of my head Teeter Dance and Dragon Dance are the only two dance moves I can recall. Though both great in their own way, not many Pokemon use these moves naturally. That could change, I suppose.


Oricorio also comes with an awesome move that changes type depending on its form, so you’ll always have a STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus) move ready.

Personal Grade: B+ It’s a great concept with some hiccups in execution.

Sunabaa and Shirodesuna (Ghost/Ground)

As of this article, these two don’t have translated names yet, as they’ve only appeared in a magazine. However what we do know about these sentient sand castles is that they hold inside them a powerful grudge that steals souls from other Pokemon, using their grudge to strengthen itself. Because of course a Ghost-type does something creepy with souls.

Since there’s not much information available still, let’s look at its type combination. Ground and Ghost together mean that Poison types will hardly leave a dent, while Electric types don’t have solid ground to stand on. Ghost doesn’t mitigate any of Ground’s myriad weaknesses, however, so you still have to watch out for Water, Grass, and Ice-types. However, the typical Ground and Ghost-types tend to have pretty high defense, so these castles will likely be well fortified.

Personal Grade: A- People might complain by how weird it is and liken it to the sentient ice cream Vanillite, but perhaps they should stop worrying about the series that started with living magnets and sludge with eyes.

Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost)


It’s got a bone to pick with you.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is going in an interesting direction, taking old Pokemon and giving them a bit of a facelift. One such example is Alolan Marowak. The Marowak of Alola apparently have little to do with the Ground, and instead seem to have taken the torch from the Kanto Marowak in Lavender Town. This change to Fire/Ghost type apparently occurred as an adaptation to the dangerous Grass-type Pokemon that thrived on Alola. They also light their bones on fire by rubbing them against their skull. Resourceful!

While I suppose it could make sense that becoming one with fire was essential for these once Ground-types to survive in the Alolan jungle, I feel like this leaves a glaring plot hole. (GASP! not a plot hole in POKEMON!) Water-types can still wipe the floor with them, and I assume we will be seeing a lot of those in this island nation surrounded by water. I suppose evolution is not a perfect system, though, so they likely had little say in the matter. I mean, what were they going to do, insist they become Ice-types instead?

Personal Grade: C The design’s cool, but everything else feels like a cop-out.

Lunala (Psychic/Ghost)


Goodnight Moone

Lunala, Lunar Emissary, “the beast that calls the moon”, the Legendary mascot for Pokemon Moon. It absorbs light in its wings and glitters like the night sky. It’s Shadow Shield ability reduces damage when Lunala is hit with full HP, and its Moongeist Beam, its signature move, ignores abilities. Lunala is definitely a strategy-busting Pokemon.

Now, as far as Legendaries go, I like Lunala’s design. It’s a bit unusual, and to be honest it reminds me of Girantina, but overall I think Lunala’s a nice looking Pokemon. My problem comes in with its typing. Dark-types are going to walk all over Lunala. Neither Psychic nor Ghost can tolerate Dark moves and since so many Pokemon have bonus Dark moves in their repertoire, Lunala better have some decent speed, otherwise you’re going to run into some problems. While there’s some definite mysticism to the Psychic/Ghost combo, I can’t help but think Psychic/Dark or Ghost/Dark might have been better. Of course, it’ll still have the power of a Legendary, and not every Pokemon is capable of Dark damage, so this isn’t inherently a wash.

Personal Rating: C+ I’ve already decided I’m going for Pokemon Moon when it comes out, so Lunala’s going to be with me no matter what. I just wish a little more thought had been put into its typing.

As of this writing, that’s all there is for new ghost types. Maybe there will be more released. Only time will tell! Anyway, despite several generations and decades since I started playing, I’m still looking forward to the new Pokemon game. What Pokemon are you looking forward to?

New Pokemon images taken directly from: http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/pokemon/
Old Pokemon images from: http://pokemon.wikia.com/
Sunabaa and Shirodesuna images from: http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/pokemon.shtml


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