The moon is often a powerful, mystical place in video games. Well, I guess it’s more correct to say moons are mystical places. Oftentimes, games will feature two. Despite the number, though, the moon is often linked with dreams, magic, and animals. These are clearly the result of our pre-existing ideas surrounding the moon in religion, the occult, and science.

The Final Fantasy series is tremendously moon-touched, as the moons that show up tend to symbolize malevolence, paranoia, and a source for monsters. In Final Fantasy VIII, the Lunar Cry is an event that occurs when the Lunatic Pandora aligns with the moon and causes a surge of monsters to fall down to the planet, like a big, red tear. In Final Fantasy IV, the second moon, the red moon, is actually an artificial structure, home of the Lunarians, Humingways, and Bahamut. It hangs in the sky, filled with sleeping Lunarians, waiting. Watching.



The moon is represented in Secret of Mana as a spirit. Luna provides support magic for the girl and the sprite. She’s very dreamy, sleepy even. She occurs throughout the series providing indirect support, a nod to the reflective, indirect nature of the moon and its illumination.


Goodnight Moon. (Yes I know I did that one already.)

The moon and travel are also connected. Obviously one can travel to the moon…


It’s just a quick drive if you take the Interspace Highway.

…or one can travel USING the moon…

ultima4 - NES - 13.jpg

Now where does this go again?

…or one can even walk like the moon!


Okay, I might be getting off-topic.

The moon is often used in games to represent a strange, intimidating place. If the player can visit it, it’s usually towards the end of a game when all the opposition on the main planet have failed to stop you. If the game is merely affected by the moon, its often used as an uncontrollable, timed element, that which propels the player into action one way or another. There is clearly more to the moon and video games, but I believe I’m done for the day. May the moon shine upon you!




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