I See the Fire in Your Eyes

So today I figured I’d do another character spotlight. This time, I’m going to talk about one of the characters that stood out to me in an old RPG made in the USA. She was a spunky young woman who came from your hometown. I’m talking about Elizabeth from Secret of Evermore, otherwise known as Fire Eyes.


Her eyes shining blue and fiery.

Secret of Evermore was an interesting game that clearly borrowed from the Secret of Mana series. In an interesting move by Squaresoft, the Japanese developer cleared the production of Secret of Evermore by a developer that operated exclusively under Nintendo of America, a move they were not always happy to make then, and are even less inclined to today. In it, a boy from Podunk, USA and his dog find themselves lost in a strange world. The first person they find is Fire Eyes, herself.

fire eyes' village.png

They’re going to let that sleeping dog lie.

You see, Elizabeth is the granddaughter of Sidney Ruffleburg, professor and inventor. an experiment of his had gone awry thirty years prior and he and his company were dragged into Evermore, a world created by their own thoughts. Because of young Elizabeth’s fascination with the prehistoric world, her land of Prehistoria was born. Elizabeth is gifted in Evermore with fire alchemy. The cavepeople she presides over dubbed her “Fire Eyes” because of the way her glasses glinted when she used her alchemy.


That anime glasses gleam means something different in American games. (art by Quatrina)

Elizabeth, being chief of Prehistoria, is preoccupied in the game due to an anomaly at the nearby volcano. Her village relies on its heat, but recently things were growing cooler. It turns out that her evil twin, or rather an evil doppelganger created along with Evermore, was responsible for messing with the volcano. Elizabeth can be called with a Call Bead and use her offensive magic to aid the protagonist. Her spark for science and her intellect allow her to be quite a standout character in a rather quirky game.


If you find yourself able to play Secret of Evermore, I definitely recommend it. Elizabeth is waiting.



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