Fifty Shades of Shiny

It was a pretty normal day. I had been playing through all of my Pokemon games again. I was on LeafGreen and I was just past Vermillion City, leveling up my Pokemon. I had recently decided I could pay a little more attention to the internal stats of the game and thought it would be a good idea to get some extra speed on some of my slower Pokemon.


Move it, you load!

For those not in the know (or those who prefer to just keep everything simple and not care about manipulating game mechanics, albeit within the expectations of the designers) there’s are two individual stats called Individual Values (IVs) and Effort Values (EVs). These were first put into the games in Generation III. (Generations I and II had something different but they weren’t as straightforward, and they aren’t really relevant here.) To put it simply, IVs are specific stats that are generated when a Pokemon comes on screen. They determine the stat growth (as well as a bunch of other stuff) of the Pokemon and they never change. If you ever noticed your Ratatta’s Hyper Fang seems to be a bit weaker then other Ratattas, it’s because it has a very low Attack IV. EVs, however, are built up through battle, with each Pokemon fainted giving a certain value for a particular stat, thus increasing the potential of that Pokemon’s stats. So because I was looking for speed, and Digletts give one Speed EV per fight, I went with my Ivysaur into the Diglett Cave.


Super fun Pokemon action!

I was rushing back and forth, not even thinking when suddenly, I noticed something strange. Something I had never seen in my 15-odd years of playing the game. At first I thought it was a glitch. I had been spacing out and playing with the sound off so I wasn’t quite paying attention, but something didn’t seem quite right. Then I looked closer. A little blue nose.

I had encountered my first shiny wild Pokemon.


I assure you, it’s just as thrilling as Mr. Sugimori depicts it here!

Once again, for those not in the know, shiny Pokemon are super-rare Pokemon that have an alternate color palette and have a sparkling effect when they are sent out. Finding one in the wild with no special items only occurs once out of every 8192 times. Furthermore, this encounter is determined by those IVs I was talking about, those numbers that randomly generate when a Pokemon is created in the data. So these things are pretty rare.

Now, plenty of people find shinies, but I had been pretty unlucky in my Pokemon experience. There were times I went online and searched tips that may or may not have increased my likelihood of finding one, I played the game nonstop for days, I ran back and forth through all the grass I could find, hatched all the eggs I could, just hoping I’d finally see my first shiny Pokemon.

Then one day, I did. And it looked like this.

shiny diglett.png

Pokemon #50 – Diglett.

For those who wondered what happened with this Pokemon, her name is Topsoil and she’s now a Dugtrio, chilling with my Gen VI Pokemon. She will be sent to my Pokemon Moon game.

She’s currently rocking her high attack stat and dealing critical hits like nobody’s business.


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