The Ace of Cakes

Cake. Video games. Yeah I’m not saying it.

Instead my mind leaps to someone who seems to be all about cakes. Princess Peach, or Toadstool for the older crowd. Seriously, she is linked with cake so often that it seems odd that she’s named Peach. In fact… I’m struggling to recall a time she’s interacted with a peach…

Anyway, Peach is always shilling her cakes, whether its to goad Mario into visiting her…

i've baked you a cake.png

I’m not really sure why her letter cuts off her face…

…to bribe a guard into letting her through a door (and providing a mini-game)…


A princess and her pet Twink.

…or to prove that she is truly the superstar by forcing everyone to walk all over one…


Why she lets Bowser chill on a side-dish, I can’t say either. This princess is an enigma.

…Peach is just baking and baking and baking until she can’t bake no more! Of course, since she’s Nintendo’s version of Barbie, she also spends her time racing, playing soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball… When does she get the chance to bake? Or get kidnapped for that matter. Princess Peach does a lot in her role as leader of the Mushroom Kingdom, and yet her accomplishments too often get sifted down to her cakes. It really can’t be too fulfilling, what with her subjects unable to assist her, villains constantly stalking her, and Mario can’t even visit her in a timely enough manner to enjoy the very emblem of her existence.

do you like the world you live in

Existentialism is just the icing on the cake.



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