Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains the Same

Growing up, I was desperate to find games that changed your character’s look based on their equipment. At the very least I wanted to be able to change their clothes. Sure, saving the world is important, and being stronger than your enemies is rad, but my priority was – and continues to be – being stylish.

Lucky for me, there’s a wide variety of games these day that let you customize your look so you can be as fashion-forward as you want. Often you can mix and match looks (with varying results…) but often entire gear sets are designed with a powerful form to match its powerful function.


Riki is the most stylish heropon!

MMORPGs, such as Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, even let you transfer the form of one piece of gear to another, in case you have a certain look you’re trying to go for. XIV lets you dye your clothes too, allowing cohesion in outfits that come from differently matched gearsets.


I liked the pretty blue coat my Summoner was wearing, and thought I’d make the horn and pants look nicer by dyeing them white!

It’s nice being at the point in video games where the kind of attention to detail and level of game capability can allow for so much variety in looks. Though it’s tremendously superficial, it’s so satisfying. Honestly, it’s my top priority in any game that lets you dress up to find my favorite outfits, over anything. Heck, I wandered through Xenoblade Chronicles wearing some pretty weak armor just because I hated the way newer stuff looked. That’s pretty unreasonable to some, but I can’t help it! I just love to be stylish!



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