A Healer Only Lives Twice Review

Whenever we play games, as the common narrative goes, we do so to enter a world where we are the hero, the invincible savior. Oftentimes, that means we’re the strong, dauntless fighter whose perseverance and well-rounded skills ensure victory. However, any RPG player knows that there’s only so much a fighter can do, so long a warrior can go before even they fall to the endless onslaught of their enemies. They need someone who can support them, someone who can tend to their wounds and embolden them in the face of overwhelming odds. That someone is the healer! … Okay, sometimes they’re the bard, but usually they’re the healer. And in today’s game, the focus is definitely on the cleric, the priest, the shaman, the spiritualist who brings solace and mends with all their might. After all…


A Healer Only Lives Twice throws you into the role of the healer backing up a knight while escaping a dungeon. As you progress, you have to learn and upgrade abilities and spells to ensure you and your escort survive. You also have to keep track of materials you find to create special items, monitor your torch to light the way, and direct the knight when choosing which line of enemies to attack. Quite the to-do list! But you have a variety of spells, providing the knight regeneration, protection, strength, and more, to help you survive as long as possible.


Aw, I meant to queue up as DPS!

Most of the gameplay comes from balancing the skills you use to the limited health of the knight and mana of the healer. Conserving mana and managing health becomes further complicated by time. Though the dungeon doesn’t allow light in, mana regeneration is better at night while health regeneration is better during the day. Mastering mindful decisions early is key to success later on, when monsters will charge much faster and your mana will drop more quickly.


Fight for life and limb! And limb life!

If the knight dies, it’s game over. However, in this game, once you die you start back where you started, with the healer waking up from a nightmare and able to take all that was learned from the endeavor and put it towards stronger spells and special skills that will make your healing and protection more potent. Keep a stiff upper lip and build your healing powers and maybe you’ll see the light of day again. Maybe…



My main complaints lie with the item mechanics and drop rates. So often you will find yourself missing one ingredient that you will never be able to effectively make a scroll or potion. Further, torches are too sparse and burn out too quickly. You can level up torch use, but I feel like it’s a mostly unnecessary portion of the game.


Skills you can improve that aren’t torch-related.

A Healer Only Lives Twice is a decent diversion for those looking for a quick strategy fix. The learning curve is a bit steep but that is part of the fun of it. The rush lost in the formulaic nature of the fight mechanics is restored through the need to be nimble when selecting and strengthening skills. One wrong decision, and you may not have what it takes to keep your partner standing. While there are some aspects I think could be improved, A Healer Only Lives Twice is a solid, engrossing game. Even though it can be overwhelming at first, you needn’t worry if your knight buddy dies. You just simply have to wake up, shake it off, and try again.


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