Let’s Play! Ferrum Secrets: Where is Grandpa? Part 1

I thought I’d start something a little different. I have been considering reviewing a handful of jarring, unimpressive puzzle games that I got on Steam for less than a dollar (total), but not much really stood out about them that you couldn’t tell from their descriptions and screenshots. I pressed on, however, intent on finding something interesting. This led me to “Ferrum Secrets Where Is Grandpa?” or as my Steam menu says “Ferrum’s Secrets: where is grandpa?” I think it was the oddly sinister title, what with its foreboding secrets about lovable old grandpa, that drew me to this one in particular. After a bit of play, however, I felt like a review wouldn’t be enough. So instead I decided to play through the whole game. I’m just not sure I could express how odd this game is without accidentally enticing someone to waste their money. I suppose I couldn’t stop you either way, but I hope you’ll find this to be enough. Also, bear with me. It gets progressively more… strange as you play.


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