A Quick Update

Hey, everyone! Your ol’ pal Shell here!

This past week I’ve been moving and starting a new job, so I haven’t had much time to write really. However, that’s all settling down so I should be coming back shortly. My goal is to have a new post by Saturday.

I’ll also take this time to thank everyone who is following me. It really does mean a lot that you find me interesting enough to keep tabs. šŸ™‚

Hope everyone out there is doing great. See you again soon!


Brief Hiatus

To anyone who actually follows me regularly, I’m going to be taking a short break for about a week or so. I don’t want to burn out on writing, so I’ll just take it easy for a few days and get my head back in the write place for when I return. šŸ˜€

Fifty Shades of Shiny

It was a pretty normal day. I had been playing through all of my Pokemon games again. I was on LeafGreen and I was just past Vermillion City, leveling up my Pokemon. I had recently decided I could pay a little more attention to the internal stats of the game and thought it would be a good idea to get some extra speed on some of my slower Pokemon.


Move it, you load!

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Special Announcement: Now Loading

Some of my work is being featured on the front page of Now Loading, a fan-driven website featuring articles about games.

Please check it out! You can go to their main page, Now Loading, or you can go straight to my profile, ShellGames. For now I am cross-posting what I do here over there, but I may start doing exclusive posts over there too! Either way, thank you for reading. šŸ™‚

The Opposite of Vulgarity

Growing up, having a new-ish video game console was a luxury. Of course, a gaming hobby in and of itself is a luxury, but as a child, I only had a vague concept of relative wealth. It took me quite some time to realize how much of a financial strain it must have been on my parents to get me a Nintendo 64 even two years after it was released. I’ve come a long way, though, and today I can now recognize the day-to-day dread of not having enough money to get by.


Picture: A luxury that was just out of the question.

While I may only have had a vague idea of my family’s financial hardships, I did have something that likely helped my parents out: a passive aggressive way of learning to trash the things I couldn’t have. PlayStation? I wouldn’t even have liked any of the games on that thing! They’re all dark and clunky and too violent!


A game that’s obviously dark and violent, that I certainly didn’t pick up in 2015 and love.

But while consoles were a luxury, at least you could pick one and be relatively secure in your decision – especially back in the day, each console’s quality tended to be pretty solid. The more dangerous luxuries were the games themselves. In a time when game reviews were mostly relegated to magazines you had to pay subscription fees for, and were therefore another luxury, and what little was on the internet of the time was still only accessible by those with a computer and an internet connection, it was all too easy to buy a game and find out that it just wasn’t very good.


Well it’s one of the only RPGs I’ve seen advertised for the N64 at all, so it MUST be a good one, right? (Luckily, we never bought this.)

Of course one thing IĀ did have growing up was a nearby video rental store. They carried video games, so I was able to play a bunch of stuff without my parents having to run that particular gamble. If it was bad, then I only had to endure it for a few days. While trying before buying isn’t impossible these days, it certainly is something that seems to Ā have gone by the wayside. But I suppose the trade-off is having highly accessible reviews and opinions all over the internet. Of course, sifting through the fan rants and sour grapes is another story…

I really am grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to provide me such a luxury in a time when we were pushing electric bills as far as we could without getting it shut off. (Wouldn’t that have been ironic?) Of course, everything I got was used, but in retrospect I really didn’t care about that. Although when I look at what games with boxes and manuals sell for online, I do wish we had been a little more affluent.

-All images sourced from Wikipedia.org

Paint Me Like One Of Your Video Games

I didn’t play Okami so I guess I have to talk about Mario Paint.

Except all I can really think of is how this game scared me as a kid…


I was a big baby. (source)

So I’ll just go off on some of my favorite painter characters in other childhood games, because I don’t want one of those dragonfliesĀ to come out and sting me.


So the most obvious one is Relm from Final Fantasy VI. She was my favorite character, because she was a bratty little girl and I really identified with those as a child, and also she had a super-high magic power stat even though magic wasn’t in her blood.


Also she could make this happen. (sourceĀ includes way more examples of the Sketch glitch)

Next, there was the painter girl, Adeleine, from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. You didn’t get to play as her, which severely disappointed me, but whenever she showed up to paint some healing food for Kirby to eat, I still got really excited.


Plus she had an awesome beret. Tres artistique!

Finally, in the villain category, there was the leader of the Happy Happy Cult in Earthbound, Carpainter.


Aliases: Creepy Old Man, Dr. Lipschitz from Rugrats. (source)

He not only converted a whole town to his bizarre blue-obsessed religion, but he also kidnapped a young girl to be their priestess and locked her up until she agreed to assist him. Ick. When I was a kid, I was really confused by his name, especially since there weren’t really any cars in Happy Happy Valley. It wasn’t until later I found out that Earthbound had a lot of religious references, many of which were altered.


Jesus was a car-painter. (source)

Of course, those aren’t all the painters I’ve encountered in video games, and sometimes paint just keeps popping up as a plot point in recent games as well. However, I really don’t have much else to talk about, so I won’t belabor the point any longer. Have a paint-filled day!



Me and the Mule Call Red Team

I’m a fairly stubborn gamer. Tell me there’s a way to do something better, and I’ll probably just try to do what I want to do until it works. It’s part of why I don’t play competitive games like League of Legends very well. I just don’t like to believe that one specific way of playing is the only way allowed.


What does “jungling” mean again? Whatever. I’m just gonna hit stuff.

I guess if I were more vindictive I’d continue to play these games and piss people off. But even I have to admit that, in multiplayer competitions, the “one best way” method is not wrong. And as much as I like to play my own way, losing all the time gets old. But I won’t change my methods if it seems like too much trouble so…


Now I’m REALLY going to hit stuff. Why do people keep telling me “go mid”?

When it comes to more storyline-driven MMOs, I tend to have more fun. Stacking certain stats, min-maxing, rotations, BLEH! I don’t pay those things much mind either, but in a good game I can still do really well without anyone getting mad. And if I can’t, then I have the refuge of single player storyline to fall back on. Win-win.


If they don’t like me spamming Tri-bind, then I’ll just go play with my bug friends!

I think since I grew up playing single player games, my stubbornness just never got kicked out of me by ranting lunatics screaming obscenities into my headset and whining about kill ratios or whatever. If I faced something hard, I took as much time as I wanted to overcome it my own way. I guess I just thought that’s what a game was supposed to be about. Oh well. I can firmly say at least that even if I do get some strategies down, I outright refuse to “git gud”.

League of LegendsĀ pics source

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